What We Do

Marbach, now part of SAM Companies, offers professional land surveying and civil engineering services, with two offices located in Northern Indiana. Since 1918, Marbach has served private, professional, and public sector clients throughout Indiana, completing thousands of surveys and design projects. Offering the unique combination of both land surveying and civil engineering services, we work with clients from the very early stages of a development including surveys and conceptual planning to the final engineering design, construction layout, and inspections. Our clients include developers, builders, architects, private landowners, local government, utility companies, and contractors.

To find out more about SAM Companies and how we can support your project needs, visit the SAM website.

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Marbach, Brady & Weaver, Inc.

Marbach-Palm, Inc.

8888 US Hwy 20| New Carlisle, IN 46552-9049
Phone (574) 654-3450 | Fax (574) 262-3040

3220 Southview Drive | Elkhart, IN 46514
Phone (574) 266-1010 | Fax (574) 262-3040

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